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The Sport Mouth Guard

The Sport Mouth Guard

Comfortable Night Guards

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 The Sport Mouth Guard

Professional and amateur athletes use sport mouth guards to prevent dental trauma during athletic activities. Our mouth guards are fabricated by experienced technicians in our dental lab for kids and adults, men and women. They are used for sports such as football, basketball, kickboxing, and many more activities. Clear Comfort company offers multi-layered professional-grade custom-made sport mouth guards with the highest level of protection that fits perfectly to ensure protection, comfort, and retention.

The Clear Comfort sport mouth guard is available in two levels of protection, with an occlusion thickness of 3 mm and 5 mm.

What You’ll Get

  • A complete impression kit with instructions and pre-paid return mailer
  • A professionally made custom mouth guard that fits your teeth perfectly
  •  Container for your night guard
  • Fast and free all-inclusive 3-way shipping and Free return
  • Can be fabricated for the upper or the lower arch
  • Available in different colors

Our Guarantee

We’re a professional dental lab in South California and have a combined dental experience of 10+ years. With us, you’ll have:

A Perfect Fit Promise – If it doesn’t fit perfectly, we’ll adjust or remake it for you until it does, free of charge

45 Days / 100 Percent – If you don’t like the mouth guard whether for fit or comfort, let us know within 45 days and we’ll refund you 100%, no questions asked


Clear Comfort Night Guards provides Free Shipping on all U.S. Orders.

Upon placing your order with Clear Comfort Night Guards, we will send you a prepaid & pre-addressed mailer along with the Night Guard dental impression kit and instructions.

*Note: Customers outside the U.S. are responsible for their return postage to our lab.

For international orders, we do charge for shipping but keep our shipping fees as low as possible. You can trust that your order will be quickly processed and safely delivered.


Although the vast majority of our customers have expressed their satisfaction with our products, there are still instances where the night guard doesn’t feel like a perfect fit. If for any reason, you are not happy with your order, you can return your items for a prompt refund or replacement within 45 days of the date that the Night Guard was mailed to you from our lab.

For most of our customers, the night guard fits perfectly the first time; however, if your night guard isn’t to your liking, we will make the necessary adjustments, re-fabricate, or take a new impression if needed.

We will work with you until everything is perfect. If within the 45 days following the date that your guard was mailed from our lab, you require any adjustment, we will be happy to do so without any additional charge.

Note: Please contact us directly for return mailing details. Please include your customer identification details, including your full name, shipping address, contact phone number, email address, and the date of purchase with all return mailings to ensure that we can locate your order information.

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If you’re an amateur or professional athlete playing any type of sport, including football, kickboxing, basketball, and so on, our sports mouthguard is the perfect option for you.

Our sports mouthguards are crafted to perfect and are perfect for keeping you safe during the toughest sports activities!

The lifespan of your sports guard essentially depends on your usage and your maintenance efforts. If you play sports daily and use your mouth guard, it’s likely to deteriorate faster.

Of course, cleaning and aftercare play an important role too. To make sure your sports night guard lasts a long time, always clean it after each use with a soft toothbrush and store it properly in its case.

Sports mouth guards like the ones designed by our dental lab are distinctly different from those used for teeth grinding and bruxism. The latter protects the jaw and the teeth from internal grinding and clenching, while sports guards are built to absorb external shock from any impact or injuries during contact sports.

At Clear Comfort Night Guards, we offer sports mouth guards of two types, varying in thickness. You can either order a 3mm or 5mm sports guard.

The type you choose depends solely on your comfort level and the intensity of the sport you’re playing. For instance, you’d want to select a thicker sports guard for sports like boxing compared to the one you’d choose for basketball.

In case you order a sports guard and don’t like the fit or design, you can always get back to us with your concerns. Our team will try their level best to accommodate any special requests and rectify the situation, but in case we’re unable to provide you with a sports guard you like, we’d be happy to refund you the complete amount as long as you reach out to us within 45 days.

If you wear braces or other dental accessories, you can still wear a sports guard. In fact, our custom guards are crafted based on the impression you send, which takes into account the shape and presence of your braces, and therefore the sports guards we design for you are made to accommodate them.

Moreover, if you wear aligners or braces, the archwires in them can actually help support the teeth, and therefore, the sports guards fit better and absorb the shocks much better too.

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