Some features to consider when buying a night guard online

Some features to consider when buying a night guard online

Some features to consider when buying a night guard online

Buying a night guard directly from a dental lab can be a great idea if you choose the right product from the right company. Since you buy your night guard directly from the factory, you eliminate the cost of middlemen and buy the same premium quality night guard at much less price. But the question is how to find the right place to buy my night guard?. In this article, we try to address this question by defining the features you must consider when buying a night guard online from a dental lab. In our future articles, we will describe how to choose the right night guard that best serves your situation with teeth grinding, clenching, jaw pains or headaches.

When it comes to Mouthguards, companies like us provide a variety of products that differ in their fit, materials, comfort, durability, and price. Understanding the differences can help you select the most comfortable and protective type of guards that best suits you.

Custom fit vs One-size-fit-all-solutions

When you search for night guards through search engines, you may find different options including custom made night guards or one-size-fit-all type of night guards. Fit is an important feature that plays an important role in a mouthguard’s comfort and usability. One-size-fit-all night guards could be purchased from retail stores or pharmacies but the problem is that they are  not customized based on your teeth impression and they do not have the optimal fit in your mouth. Obviously there is no perfect one-solution-for-All. Alternatively, you can order a customized night guard that perfectly fits your teeth and your mouth from a dental lab since they are made based on your precise dental impression. Fit is an important factor in choosing the best night guard. You don’t want to end up finding your night guard on your pillow when you wake up.

Allergy-free premium Materials

High quality dental labs keep their knowledge and information updated regarding the new materials in the market and safety features. They choose their materials from reliable sources that provide premium quality and customer safety is their priority. Customers with allergies should make sure that they purchase their night guard from a reputable company that assures using medical graded, latex-free and BPA-free materials in fabricating their night guards. At clear comfort night guards, we follow all the standards in choosing the best quality allergy- free materials that are made in the USA or Germany.


Although the comfortability of a night guard depends on the type, material, and the fit of the night guard, it is important to note that you should never sacrifice the suitability of the type of night guard that best addresses your issue for comfortability. According to customer experiences, thinner night guards are found to be more comfortable than thicker ones and soft night guards were described as more comfortable than hard ones. However, you better choose the right night guard in case you experience severe grinding which in this case is a hard night guard. You can still experience a comfortable night guard if you choose custom made night guards that fit your teeth perfectly as they are crafted carefully for the individual’s mouth. Anyway people showed different tastes and preferences regarding their mouth guards. At clear comfort night guards, we provide you with soft, hard, thick and thin types of night guard that gives you the opportunity to figure out which one suits you the best.


Durability of night guards depends on different factors. It not only depends on the type and thickness and material used in fabricating the night guard, but also depends on the level of grinding/clenching in each customer. people with severe grinding/clenching habits need to replace their mouth guard more often and contrary, people with less level of grinding/clenching habits enjoy wearing their night guards for a longer time. Additionally, thicker and harder night guards obviously last for longer than thinner and softer types. Bottom line, it is better to replace your night guard with a new one every 6 month to 1 year to maintain a better fit and protection.

High quality dental labs manage to provide premium night guards at an affordable price. At clear comfort night guards, we are committed to fabricate the same quality products and use the highest quality materials that we use for our local dentists. This is a great opportunity for us to provide high standard  mouthguards accessible  online to more people in states. Usually buying a night guard from a dentist costs between $500 to $1200, however, purchasing one online and directly from a professional dental lab eliminates some extra expenses and makes your night guard cost as less as $100 to $135.

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