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Prevent Headaches, Jaw Pain, Tooth Damage, and Sleep Problems
Protect Veneers, Crowns, and Other Dental Work

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    Proudly made by professional dental technicians in Los Angeles County, California.


    Enjoy free shipping with no minimum order requirements.


    If you’re not 100% satisfied with the fit of your night guard, we’ll adjust or remake it for free.


    Receive your custom dental guard fast so that you can experience relief ASAP!


    All of our products are made with premium materials that are FDA-approved.

Easy Reordering

We store your teeth mold for convenient reordering in the future. Saving your mold reduces our overhead costs, and we happily transfer those savings to our loyal customers.

Save 20% using the code REPLACEMENT20% at checkout. Please note that this code is exclusively for those who have already purchased from us and have their mold currently stored with us. Contact us if you have any questions.

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How It Works

  • 1) Choose a Night Guard & Place Your Order Online

  • 2) Receive Your Impression Kit With Step-By-Step Instructions

  • 3) Take Your Impressions & Mail Them Back

  • 4) Receive Your Custom-Made Night Guard

A Simple Process

Our ordering process is as easy as 1-2-3! Once you place your custom mouthguard order on our website, we’ll ship your custom dental impression kit with easy-to-follow instructions directly to your home. You can take your very own teeth impressions in as little as 5 minutes!

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Which Style Is Right For Me?

Everyone’s teeth are unique, so we give you a wide variety of options. Take our quiz to determine which custom dental guard style best fits your needs and preferences.


See what our customers have to say about buying a custom mouthguard from Clear Comfort Night Guards!


Clear Comfort night guards customer service is awesome. They are available on call and online. I paid much less than the one I got from your dentist last year. Perfect!

Clear Comfort Night Guards
Matin Nabavi

My dentist suspected I was a grinder and quoted me $800 for a night guard that would not be covered by my dental insurance.

Clear Comfort Night Guards
Pouya BN

Don't waste your time and money on drug store guards if you can't afford a night guard from your dentist. I bought durable night guard which has a hard material, it was a little tight feeling for the first two nights I used it, but it felt more comfortable and fit after 2 nights. The material adjusts and expands. I recommend clear comfort to my friends and family.

Clear Comfort Night Guards
Fereshteh Amini

I already ordered 2 ultra durable night guards from clear comfort night guards. I got two in case I lose one of them, I have 1 extra. Besides, they offer a 10% discount when you order 2 at one purchase.

Clear Comfort Night Guards
Mina Hosseinkhani

This night guard is so comfortable! I selected " Ultra Durable" for sever grinding. The instructions were very clear. I was concerned about a few spots in the impression where the putty had thinned out, but I emailed customer service and they were quick to respond and help me. I received my guard in 7 days. Highly recommend clear comfort night guards. Awesome customer service.

Clear Comfort Night Guards
Anthony O.

I just received my sport mouth guard, haven't used it yet, but I was so happy with their customer service. They are very kind and answer all your questions if you have any. The whole process was super easy.

Alen Jerald

I ordered an ultra-thin dental guard 3 months ago for daily use in office. It is easy to wear, and I can talk conveniently. The prices are way affordable. Thank you

Lala Pilossian

My cousin suggested ordering my night guard to this company. I had a great experience ordering my night guards to Clear Confirm Night Guards, they have very caring customer service, and I enjoyed the whole process that was straightforward. I highly recommend them, for sure.

Sara J.

My friend ordered night guard from them and she was very happy, so I decided to give it a try and it fits perfect. The quality is the same as the one I bought for $770 from my dentist last year. I wish I knew this company before I spend a lot of money for my night guard.

Anne s.
professional dental technician

Who are we?

Clear Comfort Night Guards is a professional dental lab located in Los Angeles County, California. We’ve served dentists for over a decade; their positive feedback motivated us to expand our business and serve the general public by fabricating custom night guards with the same quality materials and customization process but at an affordable price.

woman putting in a custom mouthguard

Save by Ordering Directly

Thanks to our direct-to-consumer business model, you can skip the expensive visit to the dentist and order your custom dental guard for less! Because there’s no middleman, we’re able to keep our overhead costs down without compromising our commitment to quality. We use premium, medical-grade materials that are always BPA-free, latex-free, monomer-free, allergy-free, and gluten-free.

The Soft Night Guard - For Light Teeth Grinding/ClenchingThe Soft Durable Night Guard - For Heavy Teeth Grinding/ClenchingThe Ultra-Thin Guard - For Daytime Grinding/ClenchingThe Hard Night Guard - For Moderate Grinding/ClenchingThe Ultra Hard Night Guard - For heavy teeth grinding and clenching

Our Guarantee

All mouthguards from Clear Comfort Night Guards are backed by our 45-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. During this 45-day trial period, you’re welcome to request a full refund if you’re not 100% delighted with your purchase. Furthermore, our Perfect Fit Promise means we’ll be happy to adjust or remake your mouthguard free of charge until it fits perfectly.

Order Dentist-Recommended Mouthguards

Purchase your night guard for clenching and grinding today—relief is right around the corner! Our products are recommended by dentists here in California and beyond, so order your custom-made night guard with full confidence. Enjoy free shipping and a rapid turnaround time.

With 10+ years of experience in the dental industry, we understand that teeth grinding is a common problem that many people aren’t even aware of. While grinding your teeth can cause oral damage, sleep issues, jaw pain, headaches, and other unpleasant symptoms, it can easily be rectified by wearing a custom mouthguard. Shop now, and get a better night’s sleep!

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