Custom Night Guards FAQ

When it comes to teeth grinding, the degree of severity varies from person to person. While some sleepers lightly grind their teeth at night, others may experience more severe grinding and clenching while awake and asleep. Based on your personal experience and with the help of your dentist, you can determine which material thickness is right for you. We offer 4 different teeth guards, each with varying thicknesses, so you can find the solution that suits your unique needs.

The Soft Teeth Guard: The most comfortable and best suited for occasional clenchers and light grinders.

The Durable Teeth Guard: Thicker than the soft night guard and the perfect balance of comfort and protection. Great for moderate to heavy grinders (Most popular option).

The Ultra-Durable Teeth Guard: Provides extra durability and protection for those who are heavy grinders, clenchers, and have severe bruxism.

The Ultra-Thin Teeth Guard: Perfect for use during the day or at work.

If you’re still unsure, please contact us, and we’ll work with you to find the proper night guard for you.

Most dentists recommend an upper night guard for their patients as it doesn’t get in the way of their tongue. However, some customers may find it more comfortable to wear a lower night guard. If you’ve had some dental work done (e.g., crowns, implants) in your upper teeth, your dentist may recommend a lower guard. Discuss your options with your dentist and choose an option that is most comfortable for you.

As a professional dental lab that services both direct clients and dentists, we use the same materials for your night guards as we would for our dentist clients. All materials used are 100% FDA-approved and registered and come from professional dental industry suppliers. Materials are:

– BPA and latex-free. All of our suppliers have confirmed that none of the products we use to fabricate our Night Guards contain BPA. Therefore, BPA exposure is not a risk in teeth guards purchased at Clear Comfort Night Guards.

– Non-hazardous or toxic. Our Ultra-Durable night guard is made from a strong plastic material called acrylic. The Durable night guard is made from two layers of different materials: a hard acrylic outer layer and a vinyl soft inner layer. The Soft night guard is made from a soft vinyl material.

When you place your order, your first shipment will include:

One set of blue and white impression putty.

One prepaid (U.S. only) & pre-addressed mailer (if outside of the U.S., the buyer is responsible for return postage to the lab).

Comprehensive instructions and information form.

In your second shipment, you will receive:

One upper or lower custom fabricated dental night guard and a night guard container.

When you place your order with Clear Comfort Night Guards, we mail the impression kit to your address. You will then take your teeth impression by following the easy-to-use at-home kit, which should only take 5 minutes.

Inside your impression kit, you'll find 1 set of impression putty mix and your upper or lower dental impression tray. Take the putty out of each container and mix the base impression putty and the catalyst together until you've achieved a uniform color. The fastest and easiest mixing action is the bend/fold and knead method. This process should take no more than 45 seconds. Please note that the material will begin to harden if combined for more than 1 minute, so we advise setting a timer.

After you've mixed the two putties and achieved a uniform color, form the putty into the shape of a log and place it into your impression tray. As we only need to register the shape and form of your teeth, avoid leaving any excess putty on the outer sections or middle. (Please refer to the photo instruction provided in your kit).

Immediately after inserting the putty into the tray, open your mouth wide. Avoid touching your teeth and insert the tray into your mouth. Once the tray is in the center of your mouth, push it over your teeth with equal force on either side to ensure an accurate impression. Make sure you capture a deep tooth impression past your gum line. Make sure that you hold the tray stable for 3 minutes, avoiding even the slightest movement until the putty has set and feels firm to the touch.

Once the putty has set, remove the impression tray from your mouth using a firm, vertical releasing pull. Rinse the tray under cold water to ensure the set. Do not remove the impression from the tray.

Place the impression tray along with everything else that was in the package into the provided bubble packet and mail them to us using the prepaid post label.

We use your teeth impression to fabricate your perfectly fitted, professionally made custom night guard and mail it back to you.

Enjoy your new Night Guard

IMPORTANT: Even though the majority of our customer’s teeth impressions turn out perfect the first time, there are occasions where we feel a redo teeth impression is needed to ensure the best possible custom fit. In this case, we will work with you to make another teeth impression.

For a visual walk through of how to take the impression, watch our helpful video guide by clicking here.

The first thing to note is that your dentist doesn’t actually make your night guards. They only take your impression and send your impression to a dental lab like us for fabrication. The dental lab sells the night guard to your dentist, who then sells it to you at a premium.

When you order your night guard from us, you’re saving a lot of money by buying directly from a dental lab. You do not have to pay the dentist to take your impression, and you’re avoiding any additional overhead that they include in the cost of your night guard. The result is the same product, at a much lower price as it’s direct to the consumer.

There are some cases where your dentist may need to make extra adjustments to your night guard at the time of delivery. For example, if you have jaw issues and you need a dental night guard that helps align your teeth and jaw in a certain way. In this situation, it is best to go directly through your dentist to ensure that you receive the proper care and fit.

As those are rare cases, most people simply need a night guard to protect against teeth grinding and clenching, and we will provide them with the same product that we provide to our dentists.

We recommend consulting your dentist to help you choose the best solution for your teeth.

Our standard is typically between 3-4 weeks from the time you place your order to the day your custom night guard arrives on your doorstep. Here is the average timeline breakdown:

All orders are shipped within 1 business day, and you should receive your impression kit in about 3-8 business days.

Once you receive your kit, assuming you made a great impression and sent it in right away, it’ll take another 3-5 business days to reach us.

Once we receive your impressions, we will fabricate your night guard and ship it to your address. We generally make our night guards within 7-11 business days, and you should receive yours within another 3-8 business days.

We provide free shipping all over North America. Orders are shipped from California.

To receive your kit or night guard faster – select any of the upgraded shipping options at checkout.

To expedite the production of your night guard – choose the “Fast Track” expedited option in the pop-up in the cart before checkout. This will put you ahead of the line for $25.

Please note: for Canadian customers, shipping times may be several days longer each way.

To expedite the production of your night guard – choose the “Fast Track” expedited option in the pop-up in the cart before checkout. This will put you ahead of the line for $25.