Why Are Sports Mouth Guards Beneficial For Athletes!

Why Are Sports Mouth Guards Beneficial For Athletes!

Compared to the past, sports are much safer these days thanks to renewed rules and regulations. This has significantly reduced the chances of the athlete developing long-term health issues that aren’t apparent in the beginning. One such rule in sports is wearing a sport mouthguard. 

These dental guards are specifically made for athletes and help protect their teeth and jaw from severe injuries. These dental guards also help athlete enhance their performance and reduce the chances of concussion. Learn more about the benefits offered by these custom mouthguards by reading our guide.

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Benefits Of Sport Mouthguard

Offer Comfort

In addition to providing comfort, sports mouthguards also offer comfort to athletes. Any jump or blow can not only be painful but also distract you from the game. But with a good sports mouthguard, the guard cushions the effects of a hit or a blow, and you don’t feel any pain. 

Moreover, there’s another issue of athletes grinding their teeth if they’re under pressure or stressed. This might not cause any harm at that time, but it sure leads to jaw pain later. But with a mouthguard, you don’t have to worry about that either and can easily focus on the game.

Improves Performance

Besides offering more protection, sports mouthguards are also helpful in improving athletic performance. The design of a mouthguard enables them to improve their breathing technique because it allows them to inhale more oxygen. With more oxygen, their brain stays recharged, and they can play for longer without getting exhausted. 

This is especially helpful in sports like football and boxing, where athletes are easily exhausted. However, this only works with good mouthguards. If you invest in an over-the-counter one, you might not get the same results. But with a custom mouthguard, the guard is made to fit your dental profile and can help you improve your breathing.

Reduces Risk Of Dental Injuries

Sport-rental Dental injuries might not be life-threatening, but they can lead to serious complications. For example, you might shatter your jaw and have trouble speaking, eating, and even opening your mouth. 

Moreover, you might lose your teeth or trigger gum recession from the injuries. That’s why it’s always a better option to take preventive measures and prevent dental injuries while playing sports. Using a sports mouthguard can significantly reduce your chances of sustaining dental injuries.

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Reduces Risk Of Concussion

A concussion is a kind of brain trauma that’s caused by a bump, a jolt, or a blow to the head. This causes the brain and the head to move back and forth rapidly. This can lead to serious medical issues if not treated fast. Concussions in sports are more common than you might think. But a mouthguard can reduce the chances of getting a concussion by stopping the force from being transferred to the bottom of your skull. It also protects your jaw from shattering and injuring your brain.

Which Athletes Wear Mouthguards?

Mouthguards are recommended for many sports to reduce the risk of injuries. Sports like basketball, football, hockey, boxing, wrestling, and martial arts have mouthguard mandates, and players can’t enter the game without wearing them. Similarly, 

Most kids’ sports have a mandatory mouthguard requirement as kids’ teeth are more sensitive and easily breakable. Besides that, athletes are free to wear mouthguards in other sports where they might be at risk of injury, for example, umpires in baseball matches.

What Mouthguard Should You Get?

For sports, you get a wide variety of mouthguards to choose from. Typically, you can go to a pharmacy and get an over-the-counter mouthguard that’s premade and comparatively cheaper. But these mouthguards aren’t reliable as they don’t fit your dental profile properly. So your chances of sustaining dental injuries are still high. 

Moreover, these dental guards are made from subpar materials that break easily, so if they break during a sport-related injury, it’ll lead to more damage. On the other hand, you can get a custom sports mouthguard made from high-quality materials. These guards are designed to handle high impact and are more durable. As a result, they last longer.

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