Custom Fit Night Guards

When it comes to night guards, custom-made night guards from clear comfort should be your only choice. We make high-quality night guards designed to fit you perfectly, maximizing comfort and efficacy.

Here’s everything you need to know about our custom night guards and why they’re great for you.

Why Are Custom-Fit Night Guards the Best Option for You

Custom-made night guards are less common than the OTC night guards you may come across at departmental stores, but they’re the better option for various reasons.

They’re Super Comfortable

This is one of the most critical benefits of custom night guards; they're extremely comfortable. Because they're made using an impression of your teeth, they fit perfectly and don't feel out of place and cause discomfort.

They’re Easier to Sleep In

Because custom night guards are very comfortable, sleeping with them on is a lot easier. Many people avoid using dental guards at night because they find them too uncomfortable to fall asleep. This is a problem that can easily be avoided with custom night guards.

They’re More Effective

Another great benefit of custom night guards is that they're more effective. When they fit well, they better protect your teeth, which helps take care of any bruxism symptoms.

Custom Night Guards May Be More Durable

Unlike OTC night guards, custom-fit night guards aren't mass-produced and are typically better quality. The ones ordered from Clear Comfort Night Guards are made from the best quality materials and are built to last.

Ready to explore our custom night guards?

How Are Custom-Fit Dental Guards Different from OTC Night Guards

There are many different types of night guards available, and some of the most common ones you’ll find are over-the-counter mouthguards that are easily available in department stores. While these may appear affordable and convenient, they’re not as effective as custom-made dental guards like the ones we offer.

Here are some key differences between the two types:

  • Custom-fit night guards fit perfectly in your mouth. These won’t move an inch whether your mouth’s open or closed.
  • Custom-made night guards aren’t uncomfortable or distracting. They help you sleep peacefully.  
  • Custom dental guards are designed to offer maximum protection; OTC mouth guards can’t promise the same.
  • Custom-made night guards can be customized to accommodate retainers, braces, or wires you have on your teeth.
  • Custom dental guards are your preferred thickness.
  • Custom dental guards last longer than OTC night guards.
  • Custom dental guards are easier to use.

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Clear Comfort

Our process is as simple as 1-2-3! Once you place your order, either on our website or over the phone, we’ll have your custom dental impression kit with easy-to-follow instructions shipped directly to your home. You can take your very own teeth impressions in as little as 5 minutes!

Night Guards

Your kit will also include a prepaid mailer that you’ll use to return your teeth impressions to our dental lab. Once we’ve received your impressions, we’ll use them to make a custom night guard designed to fit your teeth perfectly. We then ship your custom-made dental night guard back to you in a convenient carrying case. It’s that simple! We make the same custom night guards that you would get by going through your dentist, but for a fraction of the cost. In fact, many dentists use dental labs just like ours to have their clients’ dental guards made. Please let us know if you have any questions by contacting us.

Impression Instructions

Instructions for taking the impressions of your teeth:


Inside your impression kit, you’ll find 1 set of impression putty mix and your upper or lower dental impression tray. Take the putty out of each container and mix the base impression putty and the catalyst together until you’ve achieved a uniform color. The fastest and easiest mixing action is the bend/fold and knead method. This process should take no more than 45 seconds. Please note that the material will begin to harden if combined for more than 1 minute, so we advise setting a timer.


After you’ve mixed the two putties and achieved a uniform color, form the putty into the shape of a log and place it into your impression tray. As we only need to register the shape and form of your teeth, avoid leaving any excess putty on the outer sections or middle. (Please refer to the photo instruction provided in your kit).


Immediately after inserting the putty into the tray, open your mouth wide. Avoid touching your teeth and insert the tray into your mouth. Once the tray is in the center of your mouth, push it over your teeth with equal force on either side to ensure an accurate impression. Make sure you capture a deep tooth impression past your gum line. Make sure that you hold the tray stable for 3 minutes, avoiding even the slightest movement until the putty has set and feels firm to the touch.


Once the putty has set, remove the impression tray from your mouth using a firm, vertical releasing pull. Rinse the tray under cold water to ensure the set. Do not remove the impression from the tray. Please place the impression tray along with everything else that was in the package into the provided bubble packet and mail them to us using the prepaid post label. This process should take no more than 5 minutes.