Why Would Your Dentist Suggest A Night Guard?

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If you have bruxism, you’re probably thinking about the benefits of a night guard and whether it’s worth the money for a piece of plastic that doesn’t look comfortable at first.

However, a night guard is one of the best investments in your oral health. A night guard can safeguard your teeth from long-term damage and can reduce bruxism symptoms. In addition, it can help you sleep better at night.

Here, we discuss some of the best night guard benefits and why your dentist would suggest them:

Saves you money

Saving your money is as important as saving your teeth.

Jaw clenching and teeth grinding cause costly damage — and the damage that both caused over an extended period is even more. As the years pass by, your teeth become more damaged.

So, catching it before it begins is paramount. Fortunately, night guards help with teeth grinding and jaw clenching, protecting your mouth, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money down the road.

Dentists suggest you use a night guard, so these painfully bad habits don’t cost you.

Prevents snoring

While snoring may not be a big issue for you, it’ll certainly affect your partner, which is why it’s important to address it — and wearing a night guard is one simple way of doing it.

Jaw clenching leads to breathing issues. If you don’t breathe well during sleep, you’ll start snoring. However, a night guard keeps your upper and law jaws from touching, thereby increasing the amount of air you’re able to breathe in while you’re asleep. This considerably decreases the likelihood of snoring.

Offers healthy sleep patterns

Dentists understand that clenching your jaw and grinding your teeth while you’re asleep aren’t good habits. If you take part in these habits, dentists will recommend night guards to you.

Night guards create healthy sleep patterns and help relieve discomfort. Your custom-made night guard will fit well into your mouth, perfectly aligning the jaw into a position that reduces stress. Subsequently, your muscles will be able to relax, and you’ll sleep without any stress.

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Prevents headaches

If you’re clenching your jaw shut or grinding your teeth while you’re asleep, you’ll wake up with a headache.

Clenching and grinding your teeth leads to toothaches and headaches. Plus, excessive clenching and grinding of your teeth can lead to neck pains, earaches, jaw aches, and muscle fatigue. However, dentists can help you prevent these issues by recommending a night guard.

Reduces jaw pain and tension

Some of us clench our jaws in our sleep. The jaw joint that experiences tension is the TMJ (temporomandibular joint). When your jaw isn’t aligned the way it should be, it’s referred to as TMD (temporomandibular joint dysfunction).

Wearing a night guard reduces both jaw pain and tension caused by TMD. Since the dental guard is custom-made for your teeth, it fits well into your mouth.

By significantly reducing the stress that your muscles and jaw joints undergo while you sleep, it helps your jaw to relax.

Prevents tooth damage

A night guard ensures that your top and bottom teeth have no contact while you’re asleep. Teeth grinding is more common than you think and leads to a range of problems for your teeth.

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Unless you use a night guard, you don’t have much control over teeth grinding. Teeth grinding leads to loss of enamel, which leads to oversensitive teeth.

Teeth grinding also damages preexisting fillings. If your fillings are damaged, you’ll have to visit the dentist again — and worst of all, there’s the probability of grinding your teeth hard enough to chip/break them.

To safeguard your teeth from any such issues, wearing a night mouth guard while you’re asleep can help, which is why dentists recommend it.


Many people across the US wake up with dull, constant jaw pain, and many just accept it as a way of life. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be. You may have heard dentists talk about night guards, their function, and what they really do. If you’re interested in a less painful, more pleasant morning, explore our night mouthguard available for sale.

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