Why Should You Go For A Custom Dental Guard!

Why Should You Go For A Custom Dental Guard!

Difference Between Custom And Over-The-Counter Mouthguards

Over-the-counter (OTC) dental guards are premade and available for purchase from your local pharmacies. These are made from specific molds and don’t come in a wider variety. Most of the time, these OTC guards are made from poor-quality materials and don’t last long. However, they’re widely available, and you can get them without waiting.

At the same time, custom dental guards are specifically designed for your oral profile. These are a bit pricey but come in wider varieties. You’ll also notice the quality differences because custom ones are made from high-quality materials. Custom dental guards are available from dental labs, and you have to wait for your order to be made, which can take a few days. Here are a few more night guard benefits.

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Why Pick Custom Dental Guards?

Offers Better Fit

It doesn’t matter if you have a wider jaw or crowded teeth; with a custom dental guard, you’ll get a better fit. You won’t have to worry about harsh edges that dig into your gums. You can also get custom dental guards made for upper or lower teeth, as compared to OTC ones, which are mostly available for lower teeth. With a better fit, there are fewer chances of jaw pain, headaches, and toothaches. You’ll so be able to sleep better without feeling any discomfort.

Gives Better Protection

A lot of times, the grinding motion can cause your dental guards to break or develop cracks. This is most common in OTC dental guards, which are made from subpar materials. Custom dental guards are the opposite; they offer better fit, so your guards don’t develop cracks. They’re also made from high-quality materials that can withstand harsh teeth clenching and grinding without damaging the guard.

Can Accommodate Crooked Teeth

Most OTC dental guards aren’t made to accommodate uneven dental profiles. That includes crooked teeth, longer teeth, and over/underbites. But with custom dental guards, you can get customized guards regardless of your dental profile. Usually, you get an impression kit, which is used to create a mode of your exact dental profile. This mold is then used by dental technicians to create sturdy dental guards.

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Longer Shelf Life

Since custom dental guards require dental molds and more effort, they have a longer shelf life. These guards are also made from durable materials to prevent damage. However, the shelf life ideally depends on your usage and intensity of bruxism. If you have light bruxism, your dental guard can last well over a year, but if you have intense bruxism, you might have to replace your guard after a few months. If you invest in hard dental guards, then they’ll last longer because they’re made from sturdier materials.

Available In A Wider Variety

Custom dental guards come in a wide variety depending on the intensity of bruxism and your needs. Commonly you can find them in soft, hard, and ultra-hard materials. The soft ones are for light bruxism, while the harder ones are made from acrylic and used for intense teeth grinding. You can find softer ones if you struggle with 

daytime bruxism. This one is made from light materials that are comfortable to wear, and you won’t have trouble talking, either.

Protects Gums From Swelling

The biggest issue with OTC dental guards is that they cause gum swelling. This happens because of their poor fit and hard edges. The edges of the poorly fit guards dig into your gums and can cause gum swelling and even bleeding. 

On the other hand, custom dental guards fit properly and don’t exert too much pressure on the gums. So your gums aren’t irritated, nor do they bleed. Constant swelling and bleeding can also accelerate gum recession and expose your teeth’s nerve endings. This can increase sensitivity and increase jaw pain due to bruxism.

Reduces Pain And Headaches

Compared to OTC dental guards, custom ones are also helpful in reducing jaw pain and headaches and buffering teeth grinding. Jaw pain and headaches happen when the nerve endings in your gums and jaw are inflamed due to constant grinding. 

They send stress signals to the brain, which in turn leads to headaches and migraines. If not controlled earlier on, these headaches can become chronic, and then you’ll have to depend on medication constantly to keep them under control.

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Get Custom Dental Guards From Clear Comfort Night Guards

A custom night guard can help you decrease the impact of bruxism on your teeth. Clear Comforts Night Guard is a Los Angeles-based dental lab that employs trained dental technicians to create dental guards that are specific to your dental needs.

Our guards are ideal for people who have bruxism, and you can select from a variety of guards based on your needs. We significantly decrease the need for dentist appointments and help you lower the expense of getting a dental guard.

Secondly, we build custom mouthguards from durable and comfortable materials that fit your dental profile.

Aside from that, we provide a full money-back guarantee and door-to-door delivery. So hurry up and browse our dental guard collection to find one that meets your needs!

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