Why Over-The-Counter Dental Guards Cause Gum Swelling!

Why Over-The-Counter Dental Guards Cause Gum Swelling!

Bruxism is commonly characterized as a sleep disorder where people vigorously grind their teeth. These teeth grinding can lead to other health issues like sensitive teeth, jaw pain, and even migraines. Bruxism doesn't have a definitive cure, but there are ways you can minimize the pain by using numbing medication or wearing a night guard.

Be careful; if you opt for over-the-counter dental guards, they may help reduce the damage from bruxism to some extent. But in the long run, over-the-counter night guards lead to other oral health issues. One such issue is gum swelling. On the surface level, gum swelling doesn’t sound too harsh, but it can cause other dental problems over time. Here’s a complete guide to how over-the-counter-dental guards cause gum swelling.

What Are Over-The-Counter Dental Guards?

Over-the-counter dental guards are covers that sit on top of your teeth and protect your teeth from bruxism. These dental guards are pre-made and don’t have many size and shape variations.

So if you have crooked teeth or a wider dental profile, they won’t fit perfectly. Moreover, since they’re easily available and are cheaper, these molds aren’t made from high-quality and durable materials.

Instead, they’re usually made from flimsy plastic that can break if you have severe bruxism. As a result, they don’t have a very long lifespan, and you have to constantly get new ones to keep your bruxism under control.

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Why Over-The-Counter (OTC) Guards Cause Gum Swelling

Poor Fitting

The biggest issue with OTC dental guards is their fitting. People have varying dental profiles, so it’s impossible for these guards to fit anyone perfectly unless they have the perfect teeth. Not just that, but people also have tight or wide dental profiles. 

So a dental guard created for common jaw sizes won’t work for someone with a snug jaw or a wide one. As a result, OTC dental guards lead to poor fitting. This poor fitting irritates the gums, especially if you have sensitive teeth, and this gum irritation can lead to swelling. In certain cases, people can also experience gum bleeding due to the friction caused by these dental guards.

Poor Materials

Over-the-counter dental guards are mass-produced and use the same material and mold for each guard. They’re also comparatively cheaper, so people would go for them. That’s why they don’t have a dependable quality. Commonly, you have to buy dental guards periodically since they break easily. 

However, if these guards break or crack while you’re wearing them during your sleep, it can cause serious irritation to the gum and can also cause swelling. You might also be allergic to generic plastic, and this also leads to gum swelling.

Extra Pressure

Poorly fit OTC dental guards cause discomfort and add pressure on your teeth and gums. This can cause tears in the gums and cause swelling and bleeding. Additionally, the pressure of the dental guard combined with the teeth grinding harts the gums further, and instead of relief, you end up in more pain. If you continue to wear these OTC dental guards, you’ll end up with severe oral health issues that can cause your teeth to hurt when you chew something, brush your teeth, or drink hot/cold beverages.

Bacterial Infection

As we mentioned before, OTC dental guards are made from subpar materials. This means that the guards can have pores that support the growth of bacteria. 

But these bacteria aren’t cleaned no matter how thoroughly or how frequently you clean your dental guards. Moreover, since they’re microscopic, you can't see their growth either. You only find out when it’s too late and you have swollen gums and an infection.

What’s The Solution?

Investing in quality custom dental guards is your best option. These dental guards are specifically made for your teeth, so they fit properly. In addition to that, they’re also made from high-quality materials, so they don’t get damaged easily or cause bacterial infection. Best of all, custom mouthguards don’t exert too much pressure on the gum nor irritate them. Once you invest in these guards, you’ll notice a difference in toothache, headaches, and jaw pain caused by dental guards.

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