TMJ Disorder: Why You Need A Custom Night Guard

TMJ Disorder: Why You Need A Custom Night Guard

What Does TMJ Disorder Do?

TMJ Disorders or Temporomandibular disorders are characterized as a group does more than 30 different issues that cause jaw dysfunction and jaw pain. It makes it harder for you to control your jaw movement, and if left unchecked, it can cause you to develop bruxism. Depending on the severity, you can have YMJ Disorder on one side of your jaw or both.

Additionally, there isn’t any specific cure for such disorders besides corrective jaw treatments. But these treatments are only for severe cases. If you have milder TMJ, you can use a custom dental guard. Here’s all you need to know about it.

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Why Do You Need A Dental Guard?

Reduce Jaw Pain

TMJ-related pain affects your jaw the most. You can end up with a locked jaw, difficulty in chewing, joint pain, and even neck pain due to TMJ. Initially, instead of pain, you’re more likely to feel discomfort. This is another reason why TMJ is harder to diagnose before it gets worse. But if you feel slight discomfort in your jaw, a custom dental guard can help prevent it from becoming chronic jaw pain.  

Reduce Headaches

TMJ Disorders are characterized by a large number of disorders related to your jaw. These disorders can lead to more chronic illnesses if not treated. However, there isn’t a specific treatment that works for TMJ Disorders. So relying on a dental guard is your best option. If you don’t, the jaw pain will progress and turn into headaches. This happens because the nerve endings in your gums send pain signals to the brain, which stresses out the brain and results in headaches.

Allow Better Sleep

TMJ disorder typically leads to poor sleep cycles because you’re waking up due to jaw pain. Moreover, even when you get a full night’s sleep, you still wake up tired because the pain is still irritating your brain. as a result, you have trouble maintaining a good sleep schedule which further stresses you out and can lead to bruxism. Bruxism combined with TMJ disorder is bad because it can significantly deteriorate your dental health and give you chronic pain such as migraines and jaw pain.

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Prevent Jaw Clenching

TMJ Disorder can lead to severe jaw pain that irritates your mind and leads to jaw clenching. This jaw clenching further increases the pain and can lead to teeth grinding. Both of these things are bad for your teeth and make it difficult to control the symptoms of TMJ. With a dental guard, you can create a buffer layer that prevents your teeth from exerting pressure on each other and flaring up your pain. It also stops the progression of teeth grinding, which can destroy your teeth and give you chronic pain.

Prevent Enamel Damage

Enamel damage is pretty common with teeth grinding. When you’re constantly experiencing a force on your teeth. This can wear down your enamel and cause significant damage to your teeth. Once the enamel is damaged, it can’t be repaired, leaving you with sensitive teeth for life. But with a dental guard, you can prevent this from happening and protect your teeth and the enamel from any harm due to TMJ Disorder.

How To Pick The Right Mouthguard?

The right night guards depend on the level of pain you experience and what results you’re looking for. Typically, you can make do with a soft dental guard for light jaw pain. However, you'll need something more effective if you have severe pain and often wake up in the right due to it.

For this, you can try a hard dental guard or an ultra-hard one. While softer dental guards are easier to get used, it takes a while to break in a hard dental guard.

Besides that, you also need to determine where you’ll get your dental guards. Commonly, people go for over-the-counter (OTC) dental guards, but these aren’t made from high-quality materials and don’t fit your dental profile either because they’re made only for specific jaw shapes.

As a result, they might not fit your dental profile well, leading to more pain. On the other hand, you can opt for a custom dental guard that takes a while to get made but is according to your exact tooth profile, resulting in a better fit and more comfort.

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Find The Right Custom Mouthguard With Clear Comfort Night Guards

With a custom night guard, you can control your TMJ Disorder and relieve the pain allowing you to sleep peacefully. Clear Comfort Night Guards is a dental lab in Los Angeles that offers its clients, custom night guards. Professional dental technicians use high-quality materials to make our night guards. As a result, each dental guard is custom-fit to your unique dental profile.

Soft dental guards, soft-durable dental guards, hard dental guards, and ultra-hard dental guards are among our mouthguard selections. Clear Comfort Night Guards prevent the need for a visit to the dentist. Instead, we offer a streamlined process to ensure you get your custom dental guards as quickly as possible.

We also offer a full money-back guarantee and door-to-door delivery. So browse our collection and place your order now!

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