Teeth Grinding: Why You Need A Custom Mouthguard!

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Were you told you grind your teeth during your sleep? Or do you wake up with excruciating jaw pain or headaches? Chances are you might be dealing with bruxism. Bruxism is a condition characterized by teeth grinding, usually during the night, but sometimes people can do it while they’re wide awake. The grinding motion damages the enamel, causes jaw pain, leads to sensitive teeth, and in some cases, causes chronic headaches. Generally, a night guard is the best option to lessen the effects of bruxism and prevent your teeth from getting damaged. Here are a few more reasons why you should invest in a good mouthguard to help manage your bruxism.

How To Stop Teeth Grinding?

Finding the root cause of bruxism isn’t easy. It can happen due to several reasons, including stress, anxiety, genetic issues, and even poor sleeping habits. Usually, bruxism happens at night while a person sleeps, but you might experience it during the day as well. Daytime bruxism is easy to stop; you just need to be aware of it and unclench your jaw whenever you notice it. This method won't work for nighttime bruxism because you’re unaware of your teeth grinding.

To prevent teeth grinding during sleep, you can try a few things. For example, stop smoking, especially if you do it before going to bed. Additionally, you should limit your caffeine and alcohol consumption as it can mess with your sleep cycle, and make you stressed, which leads to more teeth grinding. Another thing you can try is using different relaxation techniques before you go to bed to prevent a stressful sleep.

A more effective way to reduce bruxism is wearing mouthguards. Mouthguards don’t stop bruxism, but they can cushion your teeth, which reduces the side effects caused by teeth grinding.

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What Are Custom Night Guards?

Custom night guards are mouthguards specifically designed to fit your dental profile. You can easily find several kinds of over-the-counter mouthguards at your local pharmacy. However, these over-the-counter night guards aren’t as effective compared to custom ones. For one, these over-the-counter guards don’t fit your teeth properly, which is why they're less effective in cushioning the teeth from grinding.

Additionally, wearing ill-fitted guards for longer periods will leads to gum and jaw pain. This, combined with the jaw pain from bruxism, can elevate your discomfort. On the other hand, custom dental guards are not only recommended by dentists but are also more reliable and effective in handling bruxism.

Types Of Custom Night Guards

Soft Night Guards

As the name suggests, soft nightguards are for those with light bruxism. They’re made from a light rubber-like material that offers ample cushioning to prevent tooth damage. Since they’re soft, they are quite comfortable to wear and don’t cause any irritation.

Hard Night Guards

Hard night guards are for those who grind their teeth heavily and clench their jaws frequently throughout the night. Hard night guards are durable, comfortable, and offer good protection against bruxism. They’re usually around 2mm thick and made from unique material that’s dependable and flexible.

Soft Durable Night Guards

If you grind your teeth heavily during your sleep but find hard night guards to be uncomfortable, then the soft, durable ones are the best option for you. These are specifically made for heavy teeth grinding but are light and made from a softer material, making them more comfortable. This type of guard is also good if you have sensitive teeth that don’t do well with stiffer materials.

Ultra-Hard Night Guards

If you grind your teeth heavily and are worried about breaking your regular night guard, investing in ultra-hard mouthguards might be a good option. These are specially designed for people with severe teeth grinding that can lead to swollen gums and frequent jaw pains. Commonly, ultra-hard mouthguards are made from elasticized copolymer, around 3mm thick. As a result, it offers a tighter fit that’s a bit less comfortable but offers added protection to your teeth.

Ultra-Thin Night Guards

Ultra-thin mouthguards are more suitable for daytime bruxism. These are made from a layer of thin acrylic and are practically invisible when worn. They’re also not as stiff and allow you to talk without any issues. Depending on your teeth grinding, ultra-thin night guards can last from 6 months to 2 years.

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