How To Choose The Best Night Guard For Yourself

How To Choose The Best Night Guard For Yourself

Teeth grinding or bruxism is a sleep disorder that can harm your teeth’s enamel and expose it to harmful germs and bacteria. Not just that, but untreated bruxism also leads to severe jaw pain, headaches, and sore gums. A custom mouthguard is a good option to prevent your teeth from getting damaged.

Custom nightguards are also recommended by dentists, so you can rest assured that they’ll work for your bruxism. That said, picking the best night guard for yourself can be tricky, given the range of options available. Here’s a guide to help you pick the right night guard for your teeth grinding and allow you to get a proper full night’s sleep every day!

Why Should You Go For Custom Night Guards?

While over-the-counter mouthguards are easy to get, custom mouthguards offer more benefits. For one, custom guards are designed to fit your mouth perfectly, so there’s no discomfort or other issues. If you have slightly crooked teeth, a custom guard will fit better and won’t hurt your teeth. In addition to that, custom guards can be adjusted according to your needs. For example, if you’re a heavy teeth grinder, you can opt for a thicker guard or a thin one for daytime use. Dentists also prefer custom nightguards over regular ones.

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How To Pick The Right Night Guard?

Since you’ll be wearing your night guard throughout the night, it’s important to ensure it’s comfortable and doesn’t cause any jaw pain. But that’s not all;you’ll also need to make sure the guard is strong enough to protect your teeth from bruxism. Some people have mild bruxism, meaning they don’t need heavy-duty support. For that, a soft mouth guard is the best. Similarly, you could have the opposite issues. This is where a more durable mouthguard will be best.



Soft night guards are the most common type of guards available in the market. These are ideal for light to moderate levels of bruxism and are made from a soft, flexible material like rubber. This material is good for cushioning your teeth against light grinding and clenching. These guards also help your jaw muscles relax and prevent headaches. But that’s not all. If you have sensitive teeth, this mouth guard willalso prevent sensitivity.

Soft guards can be custom-made for your upper or lower teeth, depending on your requirements. Since these are comfortable, you can also wear them during the day if you tend to clench your jaw a lot subconsciously.

Hard & Ultra-Hard Guards

If you often wake up with headaches or jaw pain, chances are you grind your teeth heavily while sleeping. This means that you’ll need a durable mouth guard to protect your jaw muscles and prevent tooth enamel damage. These guards are usually 2mm thick and offer a lot more protection. Hard mouthguards are also good for people who tend to chew through soft materials easily.

Additionally, hard nightguards are typically made from acrylic, which is studier and easier to mold. This guard might take a while to get used to since it’s a bit tighter and not as flexible as softer guards, but it offers better protection against bruxism.

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Upper- Or Lower-Night Guard

Condition Of The Teeth

The condition and arrangement of your teeth affect how well your night guard fits. Usually, upper teeth night guards are used because the tongue is less involved with the upper arch. But if you have teeth crowding, crooked teeth, missing teeth, or multiple crowns, then a lower arch night guard is preferred. Similarly, sticking to an upper-teeth mouthguard is the best option if your lower teeth aren't aligned properly. 

Practicality And Comfort

Comfort should be the number one concern when picking a mouthguard. If the guard isn’t comfortable, you won’t have a good night’s sleep. Not just that, but the more comfortable a nightguard is, the more likely you’ll wear it. Usually, people opt for upper-teeth night guards because it’s more comfortable and doesn’t get in the way of your tongue. Still, if you’re going to wear the guard during the day, getting one for the lower teeth is better. That’s because it’s less visible when you talk, and it's more manageable. 

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