Different Types Of Dental Guards And Their Benefits!

Different Types Of Dental Guards And Their Benefits!

A dental guard might only be for bruxism, but it helps treat related issues like sleep apnea, headaches, jaw pain, and tooth damage. So it’s safe to say a dental guard is an investment that’s worth it. But you need to figure out where you’ll get the mouthguard.

Over-the-counter night guards are easily available and maybe a bit cheaper. But they don’t fit your dental profile unless you have the perfect set of teeth, and we know that most people don’t. Moreover, these guards lead to discomfort as they don’t fit properly, and this can increase the side effects of bruxism.

So custom dental guards are your best option. Not only do they fit your teeth properly, but they also offer more comfort. Best of all, you can get them in different materials depending on the severity of your teeth grinding. Here are some dental guard types you should know about.

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Soft Dental Guards

A soft night guard is best suited for people who have light bruxism and need a bit of protection. These dental guards are usually made from a soft rubber-like material, which is quite flexible. These types of guards are primarily designed to reduce the effects of jaw clenching and relieve muscle pain. It also helps combat headaches and other symptoms associated with bruxism. Soft dental guards are one of the most commonly available dental guards, and due to their flexible build, they’re also quite resiliant.

Soft Durable Night Guards

If you grind your teeth heavily, then a soft night guard might not be the best option. Instead, you should invest in a soft and durable night guard. These mouthguards are slightly harder than the soft ones but are still pretty flexible and effective. They don’t feel uncomfortable and can withstand heavy teeth grinding. These soft teeth guards can better combat headaches and jaw pain and prevent sensitive teeth due to bruxism, and their durable nature prevents them from easily breaking up.

Ultra-Thin Dental Guards

Ultra-thin dental guards aren’t designed to combat night-time bruxism. Instead, they’re better for day-time bruxism. Day-time bruxism happens when you subconsciously start grinding your teeth even while you’re awake. Usually, day-time bruxism happens is accompanied by night-time bruxism. So this double grinding increases the strain on your teeth and increases the frequency and intensity of your head and jaw aches.

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Hard Dental Guards

While soft materials are great for cushioning, sometimes they aren’t tough enough to withstand harsh teeth grinding. In such instances, you need something tougher, and hard dental guards are the best option. These are usually made from acrylic and aren’t that flexible. But the harder material better absorbs the teeth grinding and doesn’t cause any discomfort. Usually, hard mouthguards are 2mm thick to offer ample cushioning and can last a long time if used properly.

Ultra-Hard Dental Guards

As the name suggests, ultra-hard is the strongest of them all. These dental guards are for those with extremely heavy teeth grinding that constantly leads to jaw pain, headaches, and severe neck pain. Not just that, but heavy teeth grinding can also increase your teeth’s sensitivity. These guards are usually made from hard elasticized polyester and are around 3mm thick for maximum cushioning. Ultra-hard dental guards also offer a tight fit, so they aren’t as comfortable as soft ones, but they offer the best protection and resiliance. Just keep in mind not to wear these for really long periods, as they can cause discomfort.

Sports Mouth Guards

Sports mouthguards are a different category of mouthguards altogether. They aren’t for bruxism and don’t offer any cushioning. However, they’re designed for athletes and recreational sports players to prevent tooth damage while playing sports. Commonly people playing football, kickboxing, and basketball wear these guards to protect their teeth from powerful impacts. Sports guards have multiple layers with thicknesses ranging from 3 to 5mm. Despite that, they’re still pretty comfortable.

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